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Thinking of buying a home in the Triangle area? Use our handy mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payments based on price, interest rates, down payments, property taxes, and more. Not sure what your mortgage options are? Take some time to read up on the loans we often see used by Triangle home buyers. Still have questions or ready to get started? Contact us at any time!

More About Your Mortgage Options

Not sure what loan options are available to you as a Wake County home buyer? Take a look at some of the most common mortgages used by borrowers in this area... but keep in mind that there are dozens of loan options out there, so this is nowhere near an exhaustive list! To better understand all of the options best for you, we recommend getting in touch with a local lender. Need more tips or lender referrals? Ask us!

Home Buying Tips & Tricks

Conventional Loan

  • "Traditional" loan requiring good credit, steady income, and sound financial history
  • Often requires 10% – 20% down payment
  • Can be fixed or adjustable interest rates
  • Typically 15 or 30 year term

FHA Loan

  • More flexible income and credit requirements
  • Low 3% – 5% down payment options
  • Usually requires private mortgage insurance (PMI)
  • May have higher interest rates

USDA Rural Laon

  • Targeted to buyers searching in more rural areas
  • Down payments as low as 0%
  • Targets buyers with "steady, low, or modest income"

VA Loan

  • Available to most active or veteran military
  • Down payments as low as 0%
  • No PMI required
  • May require a one-time funding fee

NCHFA Home Advantage Loan

  • Offered by the North Carolina Housing Finance Authority
  • More flexible credit and income requirements
  • Affordable, fixed-rate loans
  • Down payment assistance up to 5% of total loan

Lender-Specialty Loans

  • Many brokers or lenders offer their own varieties of loan options targeted towards special categories of home buyers
  • May offer lower down payments or credit requirements, or reduced fees
  • Often geared towards first-time buyers or lower income buyers

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With our mortgage calculator, you can estimate your monthly mortgage payments at various home price points, interest rates, down payments, insurance and tax costs, and more. Find a payment that fits comfortably into your budget!

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